Buying and Selling

Our goal is to offer our clients a smooth transition through the complexities of property purchase in a foreign country, assisting and guiding them from day one and beyond the property purchase itself.

Years of experience in Ciudad Quesada have culminated in a wealth of knowledge to offer in all aspects of the property purchase, lifestyle and adaptation process thereafter. Liingo Consulting, one name to answer all your needs.

Through our Real Estate service, we can help you with the paperwork connected with buying or selling property in Spain if you live abroad.

We know that on many occasions either a lack of knowledge concerning Spanish laws on real estate, or the physical distance or the communication problems due to poor language skills have made this a difficult task.

If you live abroad and wish to buy property in Spain ,or if, on the contrary, you wish to sell a property that you own in Spain, you can count on a team of experts who can help you with these procedures.