About Us

Liisa Eriksson

Liisa’s passion for living and surroundings together with her interest in beautiful views and landscapes combined with her solid knowledge and experience of interior design and home styling in the industry is a huge asset when she helps her buyers to a complete and safe housing deal. the search for your dream home begins and ends with Liisa who takes you through the whole process. Liisa can also inspire you to a healthy and happy lifestyle which reduces stress and boosting immune system lowering blood pressure increasing feelings of joy.

Ingo Feige

With more than 40 years experience of Spain we still going strong to get more pleased clients with concentration on the Costa Blanca, specially lovely Quesada where we have our office and Guardamar down to La Manga. You prefere other areas? You contact us and we will contact our partner in all parts of Spain Our agents and lawyer are here for help you every step of the way and we;ll guide you through all of the legal ,financial and insurance requirements to ensure all goes to plan. We are not only selling properties we help you to own them.